The GGP Associate Architects studio was founded in 2006 by combining the professional experiences of the three partners matured through a long and common collaboration with arch. Gianni Gamondi who consider their master and are still tied to them, developing projects in partnership.

Continuing to learn from the architect Gianni Gamondi, they specialize in the architecture of elite tourism by creating partnerships, villas, villages, hotels and resorts all over the world.

The close collaboration between the members and the common passion for architecture allows them to extend the activity also to renovation projects, as well as villas and apartments,
including offices, shops and restaurants; All characterized by the particular attention to detail design, and the constant search for new materials and new technical and architectural solutions.

The study is perfectly organized to provide a complete range of services such as feasibility studies, design, requests and obtaining municipal permits, cost analysis, cadastral practices and everything that is required for the development of the entire design process.

Architecture, Interior and Furnishings.

• Architectural design
• Interior design
• Lighting design
• Outdoor design (terraces and gardens)
• Design furniture
• Remote consultations (on-line)

Project management

• Construction supervision
• Metric and metric calculations
• Tenders
• Management of structural and plant projects
• Security Plans (PSCs)

Technical advice

• Urban planning (CIAL, SCIA, DIA, PdC)
• Urban Planning Practices in Sanatorium
• Nothing Buy property bound
• Cadastral practices (Docfa)
• Urban and cadastral surveys
• Feasibility studies
• Energy certifications
• Architectural and photographic relief
• Preliminary analysis of immobile criticality
• Real estate consultancy